Da Giovannino restaurant

“Da Giovannino” is a famous restaurant in Malgrate and Lake Como, which carries with the memories of the past with it.
The restaurant revisits the past and gives it a fresher, more modern touch while staying true to its roots.
“Da Giovannino” features simple cooking linked to the local area. All its dishes are cooked when the ingredients are in season.
It has deep roots in the surrounding area, and all ingredients are sourced from Lake Como, the surrounding valleys, and the Brianza area to the south.
The restaurant provides a friendly atmosphere, where you can relax with some good food and a good glass of wine.

The Cuisine

Guided by Alessio Limonta, assisted by Kevin Taddeo, with the contributions of established chefs who enrich the cuisine with new experiences and flavors from time to time. The cuisine of Ristorante da Giovannino is developing a path starting from tradition through a careful and continuous research and culminating in innovative dishes, without substantially changing, but highly enriching the taste.

There are three important points on which we build our work:

• respect for nature
• respect for the product
• food culture

We are looking forward to have you trying our cuisine.

Menu á la carte

Research of real flavors

Discover our à la carte menu of July.
Looking for true flavors, focusing on the seasonality of raw materials and with special care to the products of our territory.
We are waiting for you at Ristorante Da Giovannino!